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1. Department Of Geography
2. Department Of Sociology
3. Department Of English
4. Department Of Public Administration
5. Department Of Science
6. Department Of Economics
7. Department Of Hindi
8. Institutional best practices
9. Performance of institution

Extra Co-Curricular activities

National Social Service (NSS)

Different activities like water conservation work, Environmental awareness program, health awareness program, are undertaken through NSS.

Women’s Grievance cell

This cell actively undertakevarious programs to aware girls about the guidelines for harassment of women at work place, career guidance, safety of girls in college.

Science Forum

Visit to various offices


Annual Gathering

The cultural committee of the college works with the objective of developing the academic and cultural talents of the students, improving their capabilities to work as a team and raising their level of self-confidence in interacting with fellow students and peers.

Annual Sports

College encouragesextra curricular activities that enrich physical and social life of students. Spacious playgrounds are provided near the student hostels and necessary facilities exist for outdoor games like cricket, football, hockey, volleyball, tennis, badminton and various athletic events. There are facilities also for indoor games like Chess, Carom and Table Tennis in each hostel. There is a Students Sports Fund to which every student subscribes at the beginning of each academic year. Various yoga classes are organized free of cost from time to time to make awareness in students and residents for fitness.

Youth Festival

The competitionswere held in various instrumental, classical and other events to select the best talent from all over the country. Thousands of young artists competed and were judged by a panel of judges from all over the country.

Celebration of various days and events Birth anniversaries and remembrance.

We celebratesvarious events and anniversaries and remembrance.