नही ज्ञानेन सदृशं पवित्रम इह विद्यते ,या विदयां या विमुक्तये .

Law and Order Founder

    Shri. Asaramji Bhandwaldar.

Financial Strategy President

     Dr. Prakash Bhandwaldar.

Health Care Vice President

    Shri. Karbhari Bhandwaldar.

Principals Message

Principal Dr.Shri Uttamraoji Pathre.

Thank you for your interest in the College. We are all focused on helping you gain the knowledge and skills to build a successful career in one of the industries we serve. We also work hard to ensure you have an enjoyable time, we provide you with high levels of support and provide you with some of the best facilities available.

The College works closely with the industries we serve to ensure our students have the skills they need - this gives our students the best help we can give in them building a good career. We also work hard to ensure that you perform to the best of your ability to enable you to progress to higher level study if that is your wish. I hope the website gives you an insight into what the College can offer you.

My colleagues and I would be delighted to meet you and support you in making your choice of career.